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27.01.2023 - Blog, Innovation, Textile, Strongtex

What ideas can you come up with? 💡

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International Suppliers Fair

07.10.2022 - Blog, Laser, Innovation, Strongtex, Automotive

Next week is finally the time

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Did you already know? 💡

18.07.2022 - Blog, Webbing, Belts, Textile, Innovation

🌍 From October 11 - 13, Stahl Gurte will be represented at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg.

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Prefabricated belts from Carl Stahl

17.05.2022 - Blog, Belts, Hightech, Textile, Innovation, Webbing

… make assembly easier for you, save time, money and keep our promises! 💯

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Textile surfaces from basalt fibers

15.07.2021 - Textile, Innovation, Blog

Yarns made of basalt fibers play an important role not only in the production of webbing. Due to their high tensile strength and heat resistance, a wide variety of applications exist.

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