Safety belt systems

2-point automatic safety belts

  • city buses, coaches etc.
  • forklifts
  • municipal vehicles
  • construction vehicles
  • other applications

2-point static safety belts

  • passenger car, centre of the back seats
  • camper vans

3-point automatic safety belts for front and rear seats

  • car retrofits (classic cars and modern classics)
  • coaches
  • camper vans
  • fire trucks, municipal and construction vehicles
  • truck cabin conversions

Various approvals released under ECE R16!

New approvals and supplementary approvals can be carried out.

Feel free to contact us!

Attachment straps / battery retaining straps

Individual straps and systems for additional fixation of batteries and other components (e.g. wiper motor, sliding roof panels, shutters, hatches, interior panelling, etc.) in vehicles. It is additionally possible to sew in fittings, etc. provided to us.

Airbag straps

  • Retaining straps, mostly made from 100% polyester yarns to keep airbags in set positions.
  • Depending on customer needs, exclusively with sewn folding or with sewn-in fittings / buckles

Tensioning/lashing straps

  • tensioning belts and lashing straps, single-piece, with clamp lock / tighteners or ratchet following DIN 12195-2, custom length adjustments possible.
  • tensioning belts and lashing straps, two-piece, with wedge lock not in compliance with DIN 12195-2, custom length adjustments possible
  • elastic towing belt, yellow, with orange flag and knob, for vehicles up to 2.0 t

Technical retaining straps

  • sewn retaining straps and belt systems for a very wide range of applications.
  • considering the size of our product range, please contact us personally and we’ll advise you on your specific application.

Custom solutions

We are looking forward to advise you on your specific solutions for mustom-made belts/straps and belt systems, as well as fall drop safety devices with retractors for machine constructions.

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  • development and production of custom solutions
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  • belt strap weaving and further assembly from a single source
  • production exclusively takes place in Germany, at competitive prices
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