Straps and belts for agricultural and foresting applications, gardening and landscaping, and livestock farming and animal husbandry.

When used in these applications, belt straps must resist continuous exposure to atmospheric influences such as wind, moisture, UV light, cold, and heat. The belt straps are additionally often exposed to high mechanical loads such as tensile forces.

We make a conscious decision in choosing first-class raw materials such as polyester and Dyneema. And you can rely on their functioning for many years.

Agrotech - Reliable fixation and securing – with our belt straps

Example applications

Belt straps in the agricultural and livestock industries

  • securing silage covers
  • tensioning wind protection systems in stable constructions
  • paddock fencing
  • belts for greenhouses and foil tunnels
  • tree fixation belts
  • girths for horse saddleries

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This is what our long-standing customers appreciate about us:

  • exceptionally high quality
  • reliable supply capability for seamless production processes
  • development and production of custom solutions
  • excellent professional consulting
  • belt strap weaving and further assembly from a single source
  • production exclusively takes place in Germany, at competitive prices
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